Your face goes through a lot each day, so why not pamper it? Our facials are designed to soothe each muscle and help you unwind. Our lotions, oils, and creams revitalize the skin like nothing else on the market, causing it to feel smoother and more luscious than ever. With our clients’ comfort and preferences in mind, our facials are sure to help you relax in style.


OxyGeneo is the ultimate facial treatment. This 3-in-1 remedy works by exfoliating the skin, infusing it with a special, nutrient-rich gel, and oxygenating it so these nutrients can be absorbed. This incredible combination is designed to improve skin texture and tone, giving you that luscious, healthy glow you deserve. Plus, OxyGeneo is a non-invasive procedure. Far from feeling like surgery, OxyGeneo massages the face, allowing patients to resume their daily activities as soon as the procedure is over. OxyGeneo is also suitable for all skin tones.


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